A little something new for my blog…..

For a long time, I’ve wanted to be able to give people at chance to see who I am without having to come in and meet me.  I wanted this video to be about me but not “look at me, I’m so awesome”, etc.  I did this because I’m so grateful for this amazing career that has been more than I ever dreamed.  A HUGE thank you to Alex Reynolds for creating this video with me.  Your creativity and professionalism is awesome, but knowing you and being your friend is the BEST!  Thank you to August Twenty for always helping me with clothes!  I need all the style help I can get and they are amazing!  Thank you to Christina and Davin for allowing us to film you for this video.  Stay tuned because their “debut” is coming soon!

And a HUGE thanks to my incredible husband, Kyle.  Without you I would just be a girl with a camera.  You make me who I am and you make me HAPPIER than I ever dreamed possible.  Lub!


Now, tell me what YOU think!  🙂