About Jana

I am a wife to a handsome and hilarious man named Kyle.   I am a mom to two of the coolest kids I know, Maddie and Bennett.  We also have 3! dogs, Beau, Toby and Wrigley.
If I’m not shooting photos, you’ll find me selling houses (my newest adventure) or sitting by our pool watching the kids and dogs play! 
I began photographing weddings in 2002, after my husband and I got married.
Back then, I was one of three women photographing weddings in the Greenville area.  We’ve 
all come such a long way since then and I’m so proud to be in such a incredible industry.
In all this time, my favorite moment is still when the bride walks down the aisle.  I remember 
exactly how I felt that day in March at my own wedding.  There’s something so sweet about that 
moment and capturing it brings me such joy. 
I still love shooting weddings but my kids are super busy with sports and activities and I don’t want 
to miss out on their lives.  
Therefore, I will only be shooting 5-7 weddings per year.  I’ve loved being a part of so many couples weddings 
but shooting 20 weddings a year is no longer a goal for me.  
I want to work with amazing people who trust me and my photography skills.  I want to learn about them and 
for them to know me so that they feel as if I’m a friend photographing their day.  
If this is you, please call me so we can work together! 
 Much Love!  Jana