Austin and Jenn are getting married!!!

It’s not often that the groom chooses me to be the photographer.  But in this case, I’m not sure Jenn had much choice.

We have known Austin and his awesome family for several years now.  And to say that we love them is an understatement.  So when I met Jenn, I was a little nervous because I feel like I should have a say as to who Austin marries.  😉  But there were no problems because Jenn is amazing.  She is not only great for him, but she’s just great in general.  So, Austin, you have my blessing!  As if that was needed.  🙂

Thank you for choosing me.  I love you both and can’t wait for August!

P.S. They brought Barley along and well I fell in love with her too!  Go figure! 🙂