Bob & Jenn…….

Meet Bob and Jenn.  This incredible couple will be getting married in September of this year.

Jenn and Bob are great people individually, so it only makes sense that they are an even better couple.  They compliment each other in every way.  They are so easy to hang out with and LOVE to laugh with each other.  They have been together for 10 years(!) so when Bob proposed, I was so excited that they would be getting married.  And even more thrilled that I get to be their photographer!

We met out at the old Poinsett Bridge off of Highway 25 for this amazing engagement session.  Some of these pictures look serious, but don’t let them fool you, we laughed the ENTIRE time we were out there.

Thanks so much for choosing me!  I am honored that you are using me and so happy to call you friends.

LOVE this one. So. Much.FAVE!This picture perfectly describes Bob and Jenn’s relationship.  Fun, easy, and comfortable.