Caroline & Evie!

Meet Caroline and Evie.  They are here in town visiting their sweet grandparents all the way from Switzerland!

Miss Caroline is FULL of personality!  I loved watching her and talking with her!  She is 2 and is so mature for 2 years old!

Evie is now 5 months and has the MOST gorgeous blue eyes I’ve ever seen.  She wasn’t crazy about my lights so we went out to photograph her in the natural light and she liked that much better.

Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your sweet girls!  Enjoy!

I’m starting with my favorite shot!  I just love this sweet picture! I love how Caroline is holding her hand (which we didn’t tell her to do) and how Evie is looking up at her big sister!

A little bit of personality! Told you she had gorgeous eyes!  And I love this one too!