Drew is 3 months and Cooper is 3 years old!

Here are one of my all-time favorite families’, the Anastos Family.

We met to do Drew’s 3 month photos and Cooper’s 3 year photos.  They did so great for me.  Cooper has been around me his entire life, so maybe that’s why he smiles so much.  Truthfully, the kids smiles ALL the time.  I’d love to think it was because of me, but I think he’s just a happy kid.  And who wouldn’t be with great parents like Nick and Heidi.  🙂

Thank you so much for trusting me with you family photos!  I love watching your sweet boys grow up!  Enjoy!!!

Cooper is into Spiderman right now, so his mommy wanted to highlight this stage he’s in right now.  I LOVE this shot!  So fun!