Goodbye, Mr. Brown

Today, my baby dog, Jackson, went to Heaven.  And honestly, I really don’t care whether you believe or if you don’t believe that dogs go to Heaven.  I KNOW they do.  The reason I know this is because I spent 12 of Jackson’s 13 years with him.  I saw how he treated me and loved me. Unconditionally.  I saw the love in his eyes when he would look at me.  I remember how he didn’t leave my side when I miscarried. And I remember how he would meet me at the backdoor every time I came home.  That kind of selfless love can only come from God.  And if God made such an amazing creature for us, why wouldn’t He want him there with Him?

Man’s best friend” is a catchphrase for dogs, generally referring to the category as a whole. The popularization of the term is said to have occurred in a courtroom speech by George Graham Vest in Warrensburg, Missouri in 1870 who said, “The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him and the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous is his dog.” The phrase was later shortened to “man’s best friend”.  I never knew where that phrase came from until today.  However, I have known the real meaning for almost 13 years now…….

Growing up I never had a dog because we moved a lot and we lived in apartments.  I always loved dogs, but never had one of my own.  Until I met Kyle.  Kyle and I met while we were in a wedding in Nashville, TN.  We met and talked for hours that first weekend.  The next weekend he came back to Nashville and brought Jackson.  And I fell in love with Jackson.  Kyle wasn’t too far behind, but I fell in love with Jackson first.  😉  He soon became MY dog.

That poor dog has had his picture taken more than any other pet I know.  And although I heard him grumble a few times, for the most part he let me use him as a model all I wanted.

And here we are, 2 houses, 8 cars and 2 kids later.  And Jackson’s not here.  He’s in every video we ever shot of our kids.  He was always there barking his head off.  I always joked that if someone tried to break into our house, all they would have had to do was pet him and he’d roll over on the floor for them and let them have their pick of whatever they wanted.

Jackson certainly had his mischievous moments too.  Like the time he ate an entire casserole of Chicken Tetrazini, FROZEN, that my mom had left to thaw out on the counter. (Without breaking the glass dish, might I add) Or the million stuffed animals he shredded.  Or the countless times we would come home and find the garbage can overturned and everything pilfered through.  We often called him a mountain goat and a raccoon.  But those were just a few of his names.  His full name was Stonewall Jackson Brown Candler.  His nicknames were Baby Dog, Jackson Brown, Misser Misser Misser Brown, and my favorite that Bennett named him, Jaxey.

Once again cancer has taken someone I loved.  Very much.  But I take comfort in knowing that I will see him again.  And as Bennett said on the way home, “I bet Jackson is sitting in God’s lap right now”.  And I do too.

Thank you for letting me be transparent with you once again.

  • Dawn Martin Vanasse - so sorry to hear of Jackson’s passing. I have been there and know the pain. It is definitely like losing a family member. praying for all of you.ReplyCancel

  • Keisha Green Triplett - I am so sorry for your loss of Jackson. It hurts my heart now (since I have Sadie) to hear of any dog passing away. Praying that God will give you all peace in knowing that Jackson is frolicking in very green pastures.ReplyCancel

  • Beth Turner - Jana, I am so sorry. I too have had pets that long, and they are truly part of your family. There have been some days, that them just being there for me, has helped me get through some tough times. And I too believe we will see them again one day! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Mary Lynne Driskell - So sorry to hear of your loss! Jackson sounds very special and I know you guys will miss him. They truly are members of the family.ReplyCancel

  • Sheree Richardson - Jana sorry for your loss! I feel the same way about my animals. I lost my dog 2 years ago and I to believe our animals go to heaven. Just your words are so true. Hope God gives you comfort and keep all sweet memories you have with Jackson.ReplyCancel

  • Palmetto Pout Makeup Artistry - wonderful words…. I love the story of how he touched your life. I am sorry for your loss but happy for Jaxey’s gain of sitting in “His” lap. What a wonderful place to be:)Prayers for comfort for your family. I have my own doggie Jackson, who I call Jax for short:) Although he is only 4yrs old, I too, dread the day that we have to say goodbye.ReplyCancel

  • Angela Davis - I am truly sorry for your loss and my heart hurts for you. I do know too that your baby is in Heaven and you will see him again. May God hold you close and ease some of your sadness. Our beloveds are truly Gods gifts for us to love and cherrish.ReplyCancel