Happy 1st Birthday, Lilly!

Here is sweet Lilly!  She just turned a year old and her mom asked me to photograph her 1st year portraits.  I just happen to be very good friends with them so I of course agreed! 🙂  Actually, Lilly just might say “Jana” right after Mommy and Daddy! 🙂  At least that’s what I’m working on.

Sweet Lilly, I am so glad your Mommy and Daddy wanted another baby!  You make me smile and light up any room you are in!  Happy 1st birthday, little one! I can’t wait to watch you grow up!  I love you to pieces!

I’d love to take credit for all of her amazing smiles, but the kid is just happy and grins all the time.  She did do quite well for me though and I’d like to think it’s because she knows me so well.  Nonetheless, she’s adorable! 🙂