I’m the most popular person…

in my house! I hear my name at least a thousand times a day! And if you’re not a mom yet, then just wait. It’s coming! You wait and look forward to that day when your babies blurt out “mama” and now, 6 1/2 years later, I hear that word or some version of it, ALL. THE. TIME.

However, I’ve come to love it. (Most of the time) 🙂 My baby girl is growing up. It’s so weird to think that I’m the mom of a 1st grader. And I’m so proud of her! Not because she is the smartest in the class, because she’s not. And not because she is perfect, because she’s not. But because she’s mine. She has my sassy attitude, which is cute sometimes and at other times, not so much.   She looks like her Mimi, Kyle’s mom.  She is becoming her own little person. She’s figuring out what and who she likes and I’m so hoping she continues to “like” me.

We went to her new big school tonight and I realized that I was the one with all of the anxiety.  She was fine.  Excited even.  The moment we walked into the school, I had that same feeling in my stomach that I always got when I went into a new school for the first time.  (I went to 12, yes 12, schools, counting colleges!)  This time though, I tried to not push my feelings on her.   I just tried to let her be, well, her.  And you know what, she was fine.  I had to push back the tears at times so she wouldn’t see my fear.  I guess that’s just part of growing up, meaning me growing up.  Being a mom is sometimes fun, sometimes crazy, but most of the time it’s an adventure.  One that I am so thankful I get to be on……..

It’s been a while since I wrote about my life so I thought it was time.   I’m so thankful for all the blessings I have in my life.  Having kids has definitely been the most amazing/difficult thing I’ve ever done.  But, it’s also the most rewarding.  I love being a mommy, it’s the best decision, besides God and Kyle, that I ever made for my life.

So, without further ado, some of my faves from the past few months/years……

I have NO idea why they were crying, maybe they didn’t like being dressed up, I don’t know.  But this is one of my FAVORITE pictures, ever!Maddie was just baptized a few weeks ago.  A very proud moment for me.  I hope she will ALWAYS trust God with her life.Graduation!I love you, Maddie,  Maddie Lou, Lucy, Lucille, and Mads.  You will always be my sweet little girl, no matter old you are.  Mommy will ALWAYS be here for you.  ALWAYS!  Lub!