Intrducing Pierce Gambrell Harrison

I just love it when my brides have babies and call me to do their newborn photos.  There’s not much that makes me happier! 🙂

Such is the case with Mr. Pierce.  He is the first born son of Jamie and Josh Harrison.  I shot their beautiful wedding out at the Acanthus on Lake Lyman a few years ago.  So, when I saw she was pregnant, I was thrilled, and so hoping she would call me!  And she did!

I went to their house and Pierce’s precious room to do these photos.  He was PERFECT the entire time I was there and never once cried.  I was amazed!  And Jamie and Josh were already pros at being parents.  It was so sweet to watch them with him and to see how their relationship has changed and grown into this amazing little family.  When I got home I posted a few on facebook for them and happened to read on Josh’s wall where he said “Everyone tried to explain how I would feel when I had a child, but no one can describe this feeling.  I am so proud of Jamie.”   I know, it made me cry too!  The love that these two share is so so sweet and even more evident now that Pierce has entered the picture.

Thank you for trusting me with your most important life moments.  I am honored to be your friend and photographer!  Much love!!!

Pierce Gambrell Harrison

August 31, 2011

6lbs. 2 oz. 19 3/4 inches long

I adore this sweet photo!  Buff already loves Pierce too! 🙂Would you just look at those gorgeous lips!?!?! So precious!  Just look at the way Jamie is looking down at him! Pierce and his daddy!Love!!Jamie came up with this fun photo!  Josh is the Walhalla High School baseball coach and played at Anderson.