Introducing Miss Eliza Faith Johnson

Three years ago (December 18, 2010) I got to photograph Halie and Robb’s wedding.  When I met them I immediately loved them.  Robb has this sweet way of taking care of Halie and making sure everything is good.  And Halie, well, she just loves everyone.  And especially Robb.

Fast forward to last year.  Halie called me with amazing news that they were having a baby!  I get these kinds of calls a lot and I get so excited EVERY time!  I know how much I LOVE being a mommy and how it’s made my life so amazing.

Then I heard back from Halie and she told me they had lost the baby.  This was such sad news.  Sad because I knew how excited she and Robb and their entire families were about this.  And sad too, because I lost a baby.  This kind of loss is so difficult for so many reasons.  However, what I’ve learned through this is that God allows things to happen to us so we can live through it and then live to tell others how God brought us through it.

And this is exactly what He did.

Halie and Robb now have a precious baby girl named Eliza Faith.  Her middle name is because of God’s faithfulness.  They, along with myself, want to thank God for Eliza.

Halie and Robb, congratulations.  I love all of you so very much.  And I’m so thankful I got to photograph Miss Eliza.  I cannot wait to watch her grow up!

Much Love!