Introducing Patrick McNeil Epps, Jr.

And then there were three.  Three and a half weeks early, to be exact.

Patrick was scheduled to arrive on May 12th, but decided he was ready to enter the world a little early.  It was either that or Carrie Underwood’s amazing performance at the Bi Lo Center that made him want to get here early.  🙂

Patrick is the first born son of one of my precious couples, Megan and McNeil.  I just adore this couple.  We have stayed in touch and I have so enjoyed being friends with them.  And now, there’s Patrick.

Let me just tell you, he is one amazing little boy.  With a head full of dark hair!  He was so cute and I LOVED watching Megan and McNeil with him.  They seemed like old pros at this parenting thing.  One thing I do know is that is he is loved VERY much already in his one week of life here on earth. (I’m pretty certain he will be spoiled rotten by his sweet grandparents as well)

Patrick, you are exactly as I thought you would be.  Simply perfect.  You are so blessed to have such an amazing family who already love you more than you’ll ever understand.  I cannot wait to watch you grow up!

Much love!



Megan’s grandmother made this blanket before she died so that Megan would have something for her baby from her.  Isn’t that precious?!?!  I thought so too.  And we couldn’t leave out Miss Maggie.  🙂 

Patrick McNeil Epps, Jr.

April 17, 2013

9:18 am

7lbs. 1 oz.

21 inches long