The Experience

We treat our clients like family.

3 years ago, I was in a wedding that Jana Candler photographed and I knew she was the person that I wanted to capture my special day. There was something captivating about her personality and she was so incredibly efficient, which meant a lot to me. When it came time for my wedding, photography was first on my list after all, pictures are all you get to keep from the most important day of your life. I reached out to Jana and she called back immediately. She was so real and genuine and wanted to meet us before we made our big decision. I already knew I loved her but, I wanted my husband Jon to love her, too. Wedding planning can bring out all the nerves you never even knew existed but from the time we sat down with Jana, she made me feel like everything was going to be perfect. This lady knew what she was talking about but more importantly, she made us feel so comfortable. As soon as we left from meeting her, Jon said, “well that was the easiest and best decision we will make with this wedding.” From our engagement session to my bridal portraits, Jana took care of me as if I was her own daughter. She made me feel so beautiful, so loved, and so special. She constantly eased my nerves, took care of every single little detail, and truly cared about me, I know this sounds crazy about a photographer but I am telling you, Jana is something special. Fast forward to the biggest day of my life that I had dreamt about for twenty-six years. I had the best time getting ready but everyone was worried about the timeline for the day. I just kept telling them not to worry that my photographer would have it all under control. As soon as she arrived I knew everything was going to be okay and I became emotional when I saw her because I realized Jana had become than a photographer to me. Jana had become a huge part of our love story and she had been there every step of the way. She made our day absolutely perfect and she was so much more than a photographer all day long. She took care of details that I had never thought about and she made sure I was happy every step of the day. I didn’t have to worry all day about telling her what shots I had to have or making sure she remembered something, I knew 100% that Jana wouldn’t miss a thing. She poured her heart and soul into my big day. Choosing a wedding photographer is a huge decision and a very important one. Choosing Jana was the best decision we made and we are so incredibly thankful that we did. Jana treasured us, took care of us, and loved us throughout our journey. If you are looking for more than just a person who will be behind the camera taking pictures and someone that will make your wedding day the most stress-free and happiest day of your life, Jana is the one for you.


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