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Wednesday, October 12, 2011 6:05 am

The Definition of Love

What is the definition of love? It’s difficult to put into words. Is it that all-knowing feeling that I can’t live without you? Or is it that soft sigh that escapes my lips when I’m just about to fall asleep and realize I’ll always have you by my side? But really, it must be the way our eyes meet and connect, unable to pull away. It’s that instant smile that comes to both of our mouths and the way your hand reaches out to take mine just as I take one step closer. It’s the connection we feel, the sparks that fly, and the inability to feel anything else.

The definition of love is difficult to put into words. But Greenville, South Carolina, photographer Jana Candler had no problem putting the definition of love into photos when she shot Jenny + Jeff’s wedding. The couple made her job quite easy, as they couldn’t stop gazing at one each other throughout the day. Of course, there weren’t literal sparks flying through the air, but even a quick glance at the photos will have you seeing sparks of light and love.

You can see it in the way their eyes connect and in the way their almost identical smiles appear as they look at one another. And you can’t deny it in the way their arms reach for each other and the way their bodies move closer. It’s love. And though you might find a differing definition in the dictionary, it’s the photos that truly speak a million words.

What’s the definition of love? If you ever struggle to put it into words, take a glance at Jenny + Jeff’s wedding photos and the answer will come flooding back to you.