JT and Gracie~ Greenville SC kids photographer

Meet JT and Gracie.  Their mom has been trying to find the time to have me take their photos.  Nothing has worked out until this past week.  I was so excited to meet them!  They were completely adorable and were so much fun to photograph!

When I got to their house, their mom said the magic words I love to hear, “be sure and get lots of pictures of them being silly, I love their silly faces too”.  That is exactly the kind of photos I LOVE to take.  Being a mommy myself, I understand that most of the time kids are not “smiling”.  In fact, if we can get through one day without a single tear, it’s a miracle! 🙂  However, silly faces are almost always present.  So, thank you, Christina, for allowing me to do what I love!  Your kids ROCKED!!