Kaitlyn & Kaleb are gettin’ married!

Meet Kaitlyn and Kaleb.  One of my newest couples who will be getting married next year.  Now, I’ve known this awesome couple BEFORE they even started dating!  Kyle and I taught them both in Sunday School at church, so we had the privilege of getting to know them both as individuals and then as a couple.  I remember when I first found out they were dating.  I was SO excited!  Not only are they both great people, but they both LOVE the Lord and want His will for their lives.

Seeing them together and all grown up is so much fun.  I love the way that Kaleb takes care of Kaitlyn and how he asks her what she wants.  She is such a sweet girl and is very compliant, so I really think they are going to be VERY happy together!

Thanks so much for asking me to be a part of your wedding.  I am honored!

And now for some fun pictures.  Since they are both at Clemson, we started at Death Valley and then went to lots of other places on campus.  Enjoy!

LOVE her ring!  Isn’t it gorgeous!?!?

And I LOVE this sweet expression on Kaitlyn’s face!  Gorgeous!