Meet Katie and Will

When something is meant to be, you just can’t stop it.  Such is the case with this sweet couple.

Will and Katie’s grandparents are friends.  Will’s mom was in Katie’s parents’ wedding.  Katie’s mom played the piano in Will’s parents’ wedding.

Every year the Tuten’s sent a Christmas card to their friends.  And every year, Katie would see that photo and noticed the Tuten’s oldest son and thought, “wow, he’s cute”.  She would even go so far as to cut Will out of the photo and put that photo in her locker in 6th grade.

Fast-forward several years.  Will moved to Greenville.  Katie heard he had moved here and friended him on facebook.  It took him 2 weeks to accept her request.  (I have to add here that her profile photo was a picture of her upside down. And you really couldn’t tell what she looked like.) At the end of that 2 weeks Katie ran into Will in downtown Greenville.  She called his name and he turned around and saw this beauty of a girl.  She told him who she was and that’s where it all began.  Technically, I believe it all began a long time ago, maybe when their parents were friends or their grandparents were friends.  I believe that God had a plan, from the beginning, for them to be together.  Because that’s how God works.  His plans are always better than what we “think” we want.

Will and Katie, I cannot wait for November 9th.  You are both so special to me!  Thank you for choosing me to photograph your wedding!

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