Mentoring Sessions!

While watching The Golf Channel, I know, so exciting, this show came on called “Lessons from the Pros”.  It’s a segment where pros come on and talk about the way they hold their clubs, make difficult putts, drive the ball “straight” down the fairway and other various important “golfy” things. It got me to thinking……..

Yesterday, I received a call from an aspiring photographer asking to tag along on shoots to learn from me.  About once a week I receive inquiries from various people asking for advice or wanting to know how I shot something or just to say hi.  I always LOVE it when people contact me and I feel it is a huge compliment!  So, thank you to all of you who have contacted me.  😉

In light of this, I’ve decided to offer something new, something different and well a way to learn from a pro and a way for me to help someone else figure things out.  Mentoring Sessions.  Now I know that this is not a new idea, but it is something I’ve considered for a long time but have finally decided to act on it.

Here’s what a mentoring session could include:

  • Going on a shoot with me to see how I do things
  • Asking questions during the shoot
  • You photographing the same shoot to gain experience
  • Question and Answer Time
  • Technical Photographic Techniques
  • Business Tips
  • Image Critique (ONLY if you want it) 🙂
  • Whatever you want to talk about

These Mentoring Sessions will last approximately 2-3 hours and will end with a time of dinner and chatting. (Food is a MUST!) 🙂   These sessions are for ANYONE!

  • People trying to decide if they should become a professional photographer.
  • Professionals who want to learn something new
  • Hobbyist trying to decide if photography is the right career path for them
  • Moms who want to photograph their children better
  • Twelve year olds who “think” they want to be a photographer when they grow up

Cost:  $250

If this is something that interests you, please email me or call me for more info!