Merry, Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to take a quick minute to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  And it’s time for me to get personal once again.

As most of you know, we lost Kyle’s mom, Cindy, to cancer this past March.  I have heard people say that the holidays are difficult and never really understood that until this year.  There have been times over the past month where I’ve wished we could just skip over this Christmas.  It would seem easier to just not have to think about her not being with us.  I will so miss Cindy cooking all day so we could sit around the table and enjoy being together while eating her amazing cooking.  I already miss her “trash” she made for us every year.  (Trash is chex mix that she would make and give us at Thanksgiving in a HUGE tin)  I’ve made her peanut butter balls already, and although they were good, it just wasn’t the same.  Mine were lumpy looking and the holes from the toothpicks were huge!  I so wish I could ask her how she made them all look so perfect every year.  And her sausage balls.  I have no idea how she made those so perfect.  We would have a huge breakfast the morning after we opened gifts and sit around the table laughing and talking about anything and everything.  Just happy to be with each other, while eating scrambled eggs with cheese, grits and of course those sausage balls.

Last year she found these sweet books from Hallmark where you can record yourself reading the book.  She recorded one for each of our kids.  We listened to them with the kids last week and I cried the entire time.  Maddie told me later that if I missed Mimi and wanted to hear her voice, I could borrow her book anytime. I may just have to do that……..

I’ve also been reminded of all of the people who don’t “have” this year.  I can only imagine how they wish they could just skip over the holidays too.  I have said a prayer for all of you who are hurting this year, for whatever reason.

All of these things have made me think about what is important to me.  Family.  Friends.  My Savior.  So while I mourn that Cindy is not with us, I do know that I WILL see her again one day.  Because I believe that God came as a baby to save us from our sins.  This season is about being thankful for the way that God has taken care of us this past year.  Thankful for my incredible husband, who loves me and KNOWS me and then still loves me.  Thankful for my amazing kids who make me want to be a better person so that they will know God’s love and acceptance.  Thankful for my family and friends who have been there this year when I’ve needed them the most.  Thankful for my clients who have helped take care of us this year.  Thankful for a baby that was sent to this Earth to love us and save us from our sins.  This Savior is with me everyday in my heart helping me, comforting me, guiding me.  God is the ONLY one I’ve ever found that has filled my heart and given me peace.  If you are looking for peace, you can find it in Him.

So, Merry Christmas from our family to yours.  And may 2012 be better for everyone!