Mr. & Mrs. Bob Houde

Thirteen years ago, a friendship started that would bring us to September 24th. Bob and Jenn met and became friends, dated for 11 years and are now officially married. Ask anyone that knows them though and you will hear how they’ve always been together. Ring or no ring.

Simply together.

Their wedding day was so very sweet. Sweet because their love has been through a lot. It’s not a new love, but it is a lasting love. New love doesn’t truly understand a person and there’s just something amazing about seeing a couple who truly appreciate each other and really know each other. I say that not to take away from other peoples’ love, only to say that the longer you are with someone, the more you understand what love is really about.

The people who were at their wedding have watched them through the years. Bob and Jenn are both so likable and genuine and I couldn’t help but notice that everyone there truly wanted to be there to share their wedding day with them. Myself and Kyle included. It was a perfect day. From the weather, to the sweet ceremony, to the tears that were shed, completely perfect.

Congratulations, Bob and Jenn. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your sweet love story that has a new chapter now.

Love y’all and Go Tigers!!! (The Tigers beat Florida State that day, which made a whole lot of us happy!)

Location: Lady Castlehawk

Flowers: Jenn, Linda and Lizzie

Cake: Soby’s

Dress:  Vera Wang

Shoes:  Valentino

Bob and Jenn love to play scrabble so I got this idea from my awesome studio manager, Sarah, through Pintrest.  🙂  Shot by my amazing husband, Kyle!  Thanks, babe!  You are the best!  LOVE this shot so much!  Thanks, Kyle!