Mr. & Mrs. Frank Mitsos

Meet Frank and Despina.  I had the honor of photographing their wedding this past Saturday evening.  And let me just tell you, it was quite the celebration.

I love doing Greek weddings because everyone always has so much fun!  And there’s so much love and tradition!  It’s amazing to me.  Such was the case with Frank and Despina.  I got to know them well over a year ago when they chose me to be their photographer.  I photographed their engagement session where we had more fun than should be allowed.  I also got to know Despina and her precious family and felt like an old friend who just happened to be their photographer.  All.  Day.

Despina was gracious and kind and looked flawless.  Of course, Frank looked pretty good too!  😉

There’s just something about really knowing a couple that makes the day extra special for me.  I’ve loved every minute of being with y’all and I’m so grateful I got to watch you promise your lives to each other.  I know we will be friends always.  Enjoy!

See, I told you, completely flawless.

Her shoes were hand delivered by Zac, the best man.  See, look at Frank.  Nice, huh!?!? Image on left by Danielle! LOVE it!

The image on the right was shot by my awesome 2nd shooter, Danielle.  Thanks so much, you rock!  This may be my favorite, but there are so many…………This part of the reception always makes me want to be Greek!  🙂  Oh so sweet!