Mr. & Mrs. Jason Pierce

Meet my first couple of 2011!  Mary (Ross) and Jason Pierce.  They tied the knot this past Saturday in Athens, GA at the Foundry Inn.

Mary and I met 2 years ago in Las Vegas and became fast friends.  She is the kind of person that you instantly like.  First off, she’s absolutely beautiful.  But don’t let that get in the way.  She has wit and personality to match so I knew that whomever she married would have to be pretty incredible.  And sure enough, he is.  When I met Jason during their engagement session, I immediately liked him.  And it’s so obvious how crazy they are about each other.

So when she called to see when I was available, I was thrilled to say the least.  She not only let me photograph her wedding, but she made me feel so special too.

Now not only was the day completely gorgeous (72 degrees in February!) but they had an amazing reception at the Melting Point (one of the COOLEST venues EVER).  And to top that off they had the best. band. ever.  The A-town A-list band! I have heard a lot of bands in the 8 years I’ve been in business, but WOW, these guys were completely amazing!  The guests didn’t stop dancing and almost wouldn’t let them leave!  You MUST check them out if you need some entertainment for your event!

Congratulations, guys.  I hope Costa Rica is treating you great and I can’t wait to hear how beautiful it is there.  Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of your perfect wedding day!  A huge thanks to Erin for 2nd shooting with me.  This was the perfect start to our fun upcoming wedding season!

Much love!

We shot these at the Indigo Hotel in Athens.  AMAZING venue!

The rest of these were various places, but oh how I love those fun outdoor shots!

And A-town A-list!

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  • Nicki - Jana!

    The pictures turned out so beautiful. You did such an amazing job on Mary and Jason’s wedding. Way to go!