Mr. & Mrs. Nik Sohoritas

On Sunday, I had my 3rd Greek wedding!  It was so. much. fun!  I absolutely LOVE my Greeks!  I love watching them interact with each other.  I love watching their traditions and learning how they are different from me.  I love seeing how important family is to them!  I think we could all learn a little something about that one!  It really was such a fun day for ALL of us!  Kyle, my amazing husband, second shot with me and did a phenomenal job.  Sarah, our studio manager, came along to help out as well and I couldn’t have done it without her!

Dina and Nik, thank you so much for choosing us for your wedding!  I have loved getting to know you both and feel like I wasn’t just the photographer, I felt like a friend that got a front row seat to watch your beautiful wedding day unfold.  Soula (Dina’s mom), you and your sister Frances are precious!  You have treated me and my family with such love and I appreciate that so much!  The more I get to know the Greeks, the more I love them. And Dina and Nik, I have LOVED watching the two of you together throughout this past year!  The love you have for each other is so evident!

Thank you so much for trusting me with your most important traditions!  I am so glad to have been there…………

Even while getting her hair done, she looked beautiful! George, Nik’s brother, brought her shoes to her house.  Then he put them on for her.  They were a little big, so he had to put some money in them to help them fit!  This is a tradition I could easily adopt! 🙂Nik getting shaved, another tradition.  As well as receiving money from friends and family.The guys!  LOVED them!  Aren’t they gorgeous!?!?I LOVE these two photos!  Mine is on the left and Kyle’s shot is on the right.LOVE this one shot by Kyle!Yet another tradition that I loved!Breaking the bread on the bride’s head.  And then they throw the bread to those who are single so they will find love as well.  The Greeks LOVE their high heels!  I finally got this photo after midnight!  Dina wore these from 3:00 until then!  WOW!  LOVE this one too!! A huge thanks to Greg Foster for the gorgeous flowers.

And Brian Erkens of Reel Video and Stills!  I loved working with you both!