Mr. & Mrs. Noel Cody

Meet Sarah and Noel.  This sweet couple were married May 29th at Twigs Tempietto in Greenville, South Carolina.  They had a beautiful ceremony there and then Twigs transformed the place for their fun reception.  The staff at Twigs did an incredible job!

Alexandra from Upstate I Do! coordinated their event and was incredible as well.  I so loved meeting and working with her!

From the first meeting I had with Sarah and Noel, I knew how in love they were.  They have a great connection.  They even wrote their own vows!  Seeing how they are both writers, I thought this was more than appropriate.  And I LOVED Sarah’s wedding gown so much!  It is definitely one of my favorites from the season!

Congratulations, Sarah and Noel.  I wish you much love and happiness!

Beside Twigs is this vacant lot.  Sarah and Noel were adventurous enough to allow me to photograph them there!  Based on the pictures we got, I think it paid off!  LOVE this one so much!And I love this one too!  Thank you to Erin for shooting with me!  I appreciate all of your help!

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  • Sarah Cody - Jana, these are BEAUTIFUL!! Each one is like a perfect moment captured on film. I absolutely love your style. Thanks so much for being our wedding photographer!!