Mr. & Mrs. Zachary Bryant

Meet my newest couple to get married!  Morgan and Zachary. This sweet couple were married last Saturday in Columbia, South Carolina.  They had a beautiful service where they had a salt covenant, which is : You are combining your individual grains of salt into one unity vial, symbolizing your united life. Your commitment to one another and to God cannot be broken unless you can separate your salt from your spouse.  I have seen sand used and candles lit, but never salt.  I thought it was so very sweet.

The reception was held at Spring Valley Country Club where everyone danced and had a great time!  The Social Light was there as well and the pictures are awesome!  Everyone had so much fun posing for photos!

I hope Hawaii is WONDERFUL!  You two deserve it so much.  I am so glad I was able to meet you both and become more than just your photographer, now your friend.

First, I wanted to show you some of Morgan’s beautiful bridal portraits.  These were shot at the Duncan Estates in Spartanburg, SC.  It was such a beautiful place!

And here’s our handsome Groom.  The second photo is a picture of Zachary’s wedding gift from Morgan.  A TAYLOR guitar!!!  One of the coolest wedding presents I’ve ever seen.  He thought so too! The salt covenant.The fun wedding party!  Would you look at the air that Zachary’s getting!?!?!  Their amazing rings, shot by my amazing 2nd shooter, Erin.  Thanks, girl!  We stopped off for a few quick shots of the new Mr. & Mrs. before the reception.  I LOVE this beautiful light, I think it was worth stopping for, don’t you?  🙂

Congratulations, I hope you are having a wonderful week in Hawaii!!  Enjoy!