Nora Lynn McElveen

What happens when one of my very favorite couples have a baby!?!?  Well, perfection, I guess.  At least that’s what happened when Nora Lynn came into this world.  I photographed her parents wedding almost 6 years ago.  And when she told me she was pregnant, you would’ve thought it was my sister (I’m an only child, mind you) that shared that amazing news! To say that I was happy for them is an understatement.  This couple has always been special to me, but watching them with their sweet baby girl, endeared them even more to me, if that’s possible.  Nora Lynn was named after Andy’s mom, Nora,  who passed away this year and Carter’s mom, Lynn.  Very fitting if you ask me.

Carter and Andy, congratulations on your new adventure.  She is simply perfect.  And blessed to have you both as parents.  I LOVED watching you with her and would’ve never known she was your first child.  You both were so at ease with her.  Enjoy every second.  I know you will.  I can’t wait to watch her grow up with y’all! Much love!

See, I told you, perfection….And the sweet family of 4! Nora Lynn McElveen

May 17, 2012

6:29 pm

8lbs. 10oz.

21″ long