Sabrina & Ben are getting married!

Meet Sabrina and Ben.  This sweet couple will be getting married in November of this year!  So exciting!!!

Sabrina and I have been friends because we are both photographers!  So, when she asked Kim DeLoach and I to shoot her wedding, I was THRILLED!

We met out at Campbell’s Bridge for a few fun shots (while being chased by a bee, which Ben “took care of” for us) and then over to a friend’s house for the rest of our shoot.  (Where there were MORE bees!)  However, despite the bees, we had a great time taking photos and I loved getting the chance to get to know Ben better.  I can see how completely perfect they are for each other.  And it is definitely a testimony to what God can do when you wait on His perfect will!

Ben proposed in the most amazing way, so go check out Sabrina’s blog to see their sweet story!

Congrats, guys!  I’m so happy for you and honored that Kim and I get to be a part of your sweet wedding day!  November will be here in a blink, so enjoy!

I LOVE all of these so much, so they are all a tie for my faves!  Ben plays soccer so he got them new jersey’s……..One guess as to where they are going on their honeymoon!?!?!?  (And yes, I’m a little jealous!)  🙂