Stavros’ Baptism

Meet Stavros, my latest Greek baby.  He was baptized this past Sunday at the Greek Orthodox Church here in Greenville.  This was my 2nd baptism and I just LOVED it!  He was so precious during the entire ceremony.  And every time I go to this church I learn more about the Greek traditions.  I just loved what Father Tom had to say to Mike, Stavros’ Godfather.  He told him that when they got to heaven God would ask him what he had done to help Stavros learn about Him.  I thought that was so neat and so profound.  I just love the Greeks the more I get to know them! 🙂  They are truly a special group of people!

And I also love how they know how to throw a party!  Wow!  They go all out for celebrations and I think I’m going to start trying to be “greek” in that aspect of my own life!

Thank you Amy for trusting me with this precious time in Stavros’ life!  I was so honored to be there and experience it right along with all of you!

This is a little hazy because I was shooting through glass.  But I LOVED the sweet look on his face! Look at that sweet face! And here is that smile I know and LOVE!

  • Elizabeth Madeckas - Jana,

    Beautiful pictures.I will be in trouble!!!!!I need to save money so I can get ALL of them!!!!!

    Excellent job!

    I can’t wait to see all of them.


    Elizabeth Madeckas

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  • amy demas - Jana Candler is amazing!!! Beautiful photos and the sweetest person to know!!!ReplyCancel