The Dykstra’s

Ali and Kevin needed some Christmas photos.  They explained that they wanted to bring their sweet dog, Millie, as well.  However, Millie was very sick.  I, of course, agreed.  When I met them, Millie seemed just great.  She was after all, only a puppy.  They got her in September and I remember looking at all of her photos on facebook thinking how cute she was and how excited I was for this new chapter in their lives.

So, taking photos under these circumstances was not easy.  You see, I’m a dog person.  I have 2 that are sitting at my feet as I type this.  And in my humble opinion, people that don’t like dogs are not right.  I’m sorry if that offends you, but having dogs has made my life so much better! They teach you what unconditional love is.  Which I’ve only experienced through a relationship with God.  And I’ll go on to say that I believe with all of my heart that our pets will be in heaven.  No, I don’t have any biblical reference, but I know that for me, Jackson has shown me more love and patience than any human.  God gave us pets to love and to love us.  So, I’m 100% certain we will see them again……

Millie went to heaven to be God today.  Although she didn’t make it to her one year birthday, in her short time on earth, she made a huge difference in many peoples lives.  These pictures will always remind us of what a joy she was!  My heart is broken with you.  Much love!