The Eudy Family

Meet Mike, Amy, Brent and Connor.  This sweet family needed some updated pictures so we met out at a friend’s house off of Highway 14 for these fun shots.  Amy wanted lots of color so she brought along some balloons that were so fun to shoot with!  I love it when my clients have fun ideas!

Thank you for using me! These are some of my favorite family photos, ever!  Enjoy!

Adore these 2 pictures, but the one of the boys may be my favorite, ever!

Brent (7)  Don’t you just LOVE his sweet smile!?!?Connor (4)  Isn’t he adorable?!?!?  100% boy and I LOVED it! So sweet! 

  • Jessica Netzloff - Love them! Love you! Love these! once again, you’ve outdone your self Jana!! You never disappoint!ReplyCancel

  • Amy Eudy - so i may have watched this about 18 times today and not gotten a thing done at work. oopsie daisy. i LOVE them. I’m beside myself over them. You completely captured Brent and Conner’s sweetness and silliness and the sheer joy that God’s given us in getting to be their parents. I will treasure these for a lifetime. Thank you again for this priceless blessing!ReplyCancel