We’re famous! Or at least one of us is……..Edwin McCain Photo Shoot

When the editor of Blackbox Magazine calls you and says, “We need a photographer to do a shoot for the magazine and the subject is Edwin McCain”.  What else could I possibly say, but when and where?!?!?!

We all met downtown in this abandoned field and while waiting on Edwin to arrive, I wondered what he would be like.  I’m not crazy about celebrities.  I believe that everyone should be treated with kindness, no matter who they are or what they have accomplished.  So, you won’t find me being starstruck.

I was pleasantly surprised when meeting Edwin how completely normal and “non-celebrity like” he was.  He was easy-going, funny and when I asked him to sing and play a little, instead of choosing one of his own #1 hits, he sang “Can’t Hide Love” by Earth, Wind and Fire.  I LOVED it!  Pretentious people get on my last nerve and he was the complete opposite!  He talked about his wife and kids and how much they all love Phineas and Ferb.  (One of my family’s FAVORITE shows!)

So, thank you, Jordana at Blackbox and Edwin for being so completely normal!  I’m a fan for life!

One of my favorite photos from the shoot.  Edwin’s guitar was handmade by Darrell Guinn, who lives here in Greenville.  So, if you are in need of a custom guitar……….

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  • Catherine M. Cheek - I love those pictures…Great work. And I bet it was fun working with Edwin…he is a fun guy and smiles all the time…ReplyCancel